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now updated with nanopro our most comfortable waterproof/breathable coating technology ever. bonded fabrics with incredible waterproof, breathable characteristics come together in an ultra-light, tour-friendly design that exemplifies marmot’s big mountain heritage.

sized to fit over a fleece liner, this glove delivers durable weather resistance and practicality at a down-to-earth price.


- sized to fit over power stretch glove, falcon grip, gauntlet quickdraw, nose wipe, safety leash


main materials

- membrain strata 100% nylon ripstop stretch 2.8 oz/yd, precip 2l 100% nylon 2.8 oz/yd

- weight: (119.1g)

reinforcement material

- polyurethane 0.7mm

lining material

- driclime 3-dimentional wicking lining

glove insert material

- membrain glove insert

- waterproof, breathable and windproo


marmot’s most comfortable waterproof/breathable coating technology ever. nanopro’s superior microporous structure is dynamically air permeable, allowing for air exchange to help shed excess moisture vapor without compromising the waterproofness or windproofness of the garment.

marmot nanopro coating utilizes a new microporous technology with a pore structure that is 30 % smaller than previous generations. these very small, very densely packed pores allow for enhanced breathability while maintaining excellent waterproofness.

this pore structure is also air permeable allowing for dynamic air exchange. this air permeability combined with the enhanced breathability creates a fabric that is incredible comfort through a wide range of actives.

the most technically advance 2.5 layer coating on the market. offering unprecedented performance in a coated fabric with it’s dynamic air permeability, and long term durable waterproofness. marmot nanopro is 43% more breathable then our previous coating technology.

membrain strata is marmots own lightweight waterproof/breathable technology: a lamination technology that rates a whopping 20,000mm in waterproof performance and 20,000 gr in breathability.

requiring neither lining nor 3-layer construction, membrain strata products are by far the lightest, most breathable garments in their categories.
how does it work

marmots proprietary 2.5 layer membrain strata uses micro non-organic particles on the inside of the lamination to increase durability and provide a dry touch instead of that clammy feeling you get from some other products.

the back print pattern is carefully designed to achieve the maximum durability and breathability. abrasion tests rate 4-5 times better than regular laminates, which is why 2-layer laminates require a separate lining.

membrain strata creates a soft, quiet and compressible fabric while its abrasion resistant design achieves maximum durability.

compared to other 2.5 layer coatings in the market, our lamination is almost 100% more breathable. in addition, our laminated fabric stretches more than coated fabrics.

driclime mesh is a bi-component denier gradient dimensional knit made of two different denier yarns. using extremely fine deniers this knit is extremely light with superior wicking performance.

the larger outer yarns are a special filament yarn with an open capillary structure, which pulls the moisture away from the skin to the backside of the mesh where it spreads to increase evaporation.

the dimensional structure of the knit combined with the smaller denier yarns on the backside of the mesh increase the surface area allowing for greater moisture holding capacity.

this technology increases the interior comfort of the garment by enabling the wearer to feel less clammy and more comfortable over a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

the mesh prevents condensation from collecting on the skin no matter what the level of activity due to its 3 dimensional structure. the dimensional knit structure also helps by spreading the moisture over a larger surface area maximizing the efficiency of the evaporateocess.

this technology solves the problem of condensation and internal comfort that even the most breathable of fabrics have problems with during high intensity activities.

this advancement in fabric technology brings a new level of performance to value conscious consumers.

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